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The cameras shown are not for sale, they are for illustrative purposes only.


1. For light cameras from 200g to 800g weight the "Flyboy III"
This compact tripod is designed for small cameras and camcorders with a weight between 200g and 800g.

2. For the very light cameras from 100g to 600g net weight 'Wondlan Mini-I "

For very light cameras, such as action cams like the GoPro Hero series or smartphones, we recommend the "Mini 1" of Wondlan. It is very easy and comfortable to use, is available in black or red and comes with a convenient bag, in which also fits the camera.

3. For cameras up to 1.6 kg, the "U-Flycam"

The U-Flycam is designed to consistently lightweight design and weighs only 1.5 kg. It can be quick and easy to make with a camera in balance.

Tutorial for the U-Flycam by Matthias Weiner:

We sell Flycam Steadycams for the smallest camcorder from 300g up to 15kg in weight.

All models - All prices

or follow the INTRODUCTION:

4. For the cameras between 600g and 1.4 kg weight
"Flycam Mozy Pro"

In the "Flycam Mozy Pro" the xy balance is adjusted very comfortable with micrometer screws. This makes the system very quickly ready for use and, in particular, minor corrections that are necessary during the shooting may be carried out very quickly. Because if you would rather want to attach a solar panel or a head light for example when turning or open or change the LCD monitor, the balance of the system must be reset. And this works with the "Flycam Mozy Pro" with only two screws.

5. For cameras up to 800g net weight the "Flycam nano"

It only weighs 1kg with all counter weights, but are depending on the camera weight, not all required. It can be very small put together, then fit in with almost any camera bag and can be a constant companion.

6. For cameras up to 1,5 kg net weight the "Flycam DSLR nano"

This Steadycam is ideal for DSLR cameras, but also for camcorders with a maximum weight of 1.5 kg. It closes the gap between the small "Flycam nano" for cameras up to 700g and the "Flycam 3000" Camera sets between 1.2 kg and 2.3 kg maximum. As the comparison image shows, it is also significantly larger than the normal "Flycam nano".

7. For cameras up to 2,3 kg net weight, the "Flycam3000"
or the carbon fiber version "CF-3"

Also, the "Flycam 3000" is designed to consistently lightweight construction. It weighs without weights only 1.4 kg, all counter weights 2.2 kg. With retracted telescopic rod It is only 46 cm long and very handy.

If you own a camera, for example, already weighs 2.2 kg and you plan to install possibly, an external microphone and / or a head light and / or a wide angle converter or the like on the system, then you should rather choose the larger model, the "Flycam 5000".

8. For cameras up to 4kg weight the "Flycam5000"
or the carbon fiber version "CF-5"

Made of anodized aluminum pipes without counter weights it weighs 1.8 kg (with body pod and belting 2.5 kg - see below for more). The "Flycam 5000" should meet the needs of most semi-professional camcorders ...

... However, it is also significantly larger than the "Flycam 3000".

9. For the cameras up to 4kg weight "Flycam C5"

The new "Flycam C5" has a center post made of carbon fiber and weighs only 1679 grams without counterweights. The peculiarity of the "C5" lies in the ability to adjust the gimbal (central ball bearing with handle), a very flexible balancing of different camera types is possible. The micrometer screws on the head of the camera attachment plate also enable quick and easy balancing of the camera in the X-and Y-axis.

Good Steadycam operators are very demand people who have learned their craft through much practice and perseverance, and brought to perfection in the film industry. This is a physical fitness that is needed. A 35mm camera on a Steadicam system with external video assist, vest and support arm quickly weighs 40kg and more. Since it is clear to everyone that the professional must operate specific muscle training if he wants to survive a day of shooting.
This of course is not the small steadycam systems such as the "Flycam nano" for cameras up to 700g that can be worn almost effortlessly. In contrast, the semi-professional camcorder of 3kg fixed on a "Flycam 5000" quickly weighs 7kg. Especially the wrist and arm fatigue relatively quickly after prolonged use.
Therefore, we offer the arm support "Arm Brace" which relieves the wrist especially and is ideal for shorter use.

And we offer the body support system "Body Pod", which completely relieves the arm and shifts the weight to the hips. After all, it is important that the camera man focuses on compose the image and the subject than on eg not to shiver when the muscles have reached its capacity limit.

We offer the "Flycam3000" - and "Flycam5000" systems complete with bundled "Arm Brace" and / or "body pod", which together are cheaper than the individual components.

10. For cameras up to 4kg weight the "Flycam5000
with Comfort Arm & Vest"

For long-lasting use, we also offer for the Flycam Systems "3000", "CF-3", "5000", "CF-5" and "C5" the body support system "Comfort Arm & Vest" in a one-piece spring arm with carrying vest.

11. For cameras up to 5kg weight "Flycam5500
with Magic Arm & Vest"

For frequent or daily use we offer the "Flycam 5500 with arm and vest", which is designed for camera sets up to 5 kg.

The two-pieces carrying arm ensures particularly quiet images even in jerky movements of the camera man. This system offers the highest wearing comfort. A tripod for easy balancing of the system and a convenient carrying bag are included.

12. For cameras up to 6,3 kg net weight, the "Flycam6000
with Magic Arm-FM & DV Vest"

Also for frequent use we offer the "Flycam 6000" set with the "Magic Arm FM", which is designed for camera sets between 2 kg and 6.3 kg.

The capacity of the two-part support arm can be very comfortable set to different camera weights. The camera head offers an equally convenient way to fine-tune the balance. This system also offers the highest wearing comfort.

13. For cameras from 2 kg to 6 kg weight
the "Flycam Vista II"

The "Vista II" system is newly constructed and consists of the "C9" carbon fiber Flycam Steadycam system, the two-link arm "Vista II" and the wearing vest. It has both the top of the head and down to the counterweights electrical connectors for monitor and battery, so that the cable connections are not outside, but inside the pipe run of "C9".

The gimbal is adjustable to the carbon tube in height, and the balance of the system is fine-tuned on the head very comfortably with micrometer screws.

A few notes and a summary at the end:

One must be aware that it takes some practice to make a steadycam system perfect movements. Again we hear - something like this - from customers that they urgently need to do steadycam shots tomorrow and want to make familiar with the system this afternoon today. But it does not work this way very often. Nor can you buy a skateboard or ski equipment today and show a perfect downhill performance tomorrow. No matter whether one is more or less talented, it takes some time and especially exercise.
Surely you succeed in producing calmer pictures immediately than if you shoot out of hand. But in all probability, these images will not be perfect. This means, for example, that the horizon may vary, the camera tilt or lean over during start or stop of the movement, depending on what you intend to do.
Take time for the exact balancing of your own equipment on a steadycam system and learn to understand the working principle of a floating tripod. Also, you will get used to a light, bouncy "cat walk" to minimize the vertical deflections and thereby achieve even quieter shots. It applies in any case, as so often: Solely practice makes perfect !